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What’s printed on your T-shirts?

In any business there is 3 things to remember.

1. Everyone has a good product and it’s a busy market place – So, you need to stand out – you need to think about what makes you stand out and how that can be communicated to your customer.

2. It’s no use doing a cheap product as it will not only be known as a cheap product but will be treated as a cheap product. And besides the fact that it now makes your brand look cheap there is literally no way to resurrect a brand that has been associated with ‘cheap’.

3. You need to be top of mind when you customer wants to buy what you sell so they associate you with the smarter value proposition for their needs. You do that by branding yourself well and continuously where it matters – where people are experiencing your product and can cross reference multiple pieces of stimulus. For example – When they come to your coffee shop and you remember their order and bag them out for following Juventus who got creamed on the weekend and the barista hands you a cup with his ‘PARMA’ Deli brand on it and is wearing a T-shirt that says ‘PARMA – The Life”. As your brain sorts through and associates all these conflicting messages it becomes a story … with the end result – ‘PARMA’ equals, my morning coffee delivered by football crazy Italians at 7am with a laugh and a smile. And it tastes like I’m coming back tomorrow.

When it comes to T-shirts and what you put on a T-shirt there are also three things to remember.

1. People are close – the graphic doesn’t have to be huge. People are usually within 2 metres when you are truly communicating.

2. One idea works much better than multiple ideas. Don’t confuse your message – just give them something to relate to or the one thing you want them to associate with you.

3. Having a well designed T-shirt will reflect your product. Sooo …. yes … a clean waiter will make the food taste better – a well fitting shirt makes the wearer more comfortable – a cool design makes you contemporary and fresh.

All those things that make a difference in your customers mind.

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