Arcade Screen Printing Terms and Conditions of Trade.

At Arcade we do everything in our power to make your print great. We use industry quality inks and heat set all prints.

It is up to the person selling the product to wash-test the print and advise wash instructions to their customers.

If you have deadline such as an event or exhibition that you are working towards, please allow adequate time to allow for any unforeseen circumstances, for instance, sometimes an “overnight courier” can take 4 days.  If you need your products to be ready for a store opening on the 10th Feb, you should request a print deadline of 5th Feb.  Arcade cannot be held accountable for deadline mis-communication or Force Majeure.

We are happy to recommend quality shirts and products from selected suppliers that we have worked with over a period of years, as we know that they print well and are generally of a good quality, however we cannot guarantee performance, wear or fade.  This is increased with products outside our normal supply chains, if you choose to supply garments to us.

At no time is Arcade liable for any amounts in excess of the actual print cost. This includes additional costs of labelling or packaging done prior to Arcade receiving the products to be printed.

Arcade is not liable in any way if you fail to mention something that is important to your work.

All orders to be paid in full on approval of artwork.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason that we feel is fair.

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