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Hello, we’re writing to you today as a past customer of Arcade coming up to the end of the financial year. This is typically a really busy period for us because everyone is getting new uniforms and mid season boost stocks sliding under the last years tax on their 2016 – 17 accounts
… Very Savvy.
So we’d just like to remind you in case you are just too flat out to think about it and give you some incentive to take advantage and shake up the second part of 2017 in new threads.

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As per usual Arcade Screen Printing are constantly streamlining service and products so you are looking world class in your market with inks that wash and T-shirts that fit and keep their shape. Working with waterbased inks everytime looking after the environment and your skin.
Working with everything from the humble Australian surf T-shirts to high fashion finishes and Branded Uniforms.

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