Uniforms for METRO ST JAMES

  Metro St James Phillips is always a discerning customer. As a French Chef - it's a way of life. Original logo design was handled by the Distillery and prints, inks and garments by Arcade and Philippe. Very classic in it's style the restaurant is just behind St James Station in Hyde Park Sydney. [...]

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T-shirts for TREEHOUSE

'Tree House''Beds and Sleds' Always a pleasure working with great brands and quality designers. http://www.treehouseshapes.com.au http://simonperini.com/work/design/  

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Design & T-shirts for PEPE SAYA

Pepe Saya Cultured Butter is a Sydney food icon. Pierre comes in and never wants anything even close to ordinary. As a premium brand his business is forever working with the different foodies, greatest Chefs and events in Australia. Arcade work with Pierre regularly on graphics and new versions and twists to illustrate his brands in [...]

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Band Merch T-shirts for NANTES

Nantes Currrently famous for the single 'Fly' - Listen below > Nantes shirts were designed by Ben Hay from Honey Rogue Design Pretty inspiring - obtuse enough to intrigue in 2 versions of tee. Halftone white print on black tees. http://www.nantesband.com/ http://www.honeyrogue.com/ Really we're just supposed to hear the music .. [...]

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Table runners for JACOBS CREEK RESERVE

Jacobs Creek Reserve The Longest Table On Saturday 27th July, hundreds of passionate diners will take their seat at Australia’s Longest Reserve Table for lunch, thanks to Jacob’s Creek, in front of the Welcome Wall in Pyrmont, Sydney. Seated at long tables, guests are invited to prepare and bring a dish that represents their [...]

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Enerate Band Merch

Enerate was a 5 design strong job for us. Very professional design being all very very 70's airport. 2 -3 colour prints on AS Colour Staple Tees and singlets and tote bags. Many of the prints went across mens and womens tees and one design went across a tee and was then scaled down [...]

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