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Kinkawooka SHELLFISH

 Kinkawooka Shellfish First introduced to Kinowooka through Pepe Saya Butter where we designed event shirts for the first seasons Kinkawooka mussels at Kitchen by Mike with John Susman (Fishtales) and Andy “Pugsy” Puglisi (Kinkawooka Shellfish). See story - https://arcadescreenprinting.com.au/pepe-saya-butter/ These two featured T-shirts were designed by Ben Hay of Honey Rouge Design. Being may in [...]

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Can't Skate Manufacturing Co Can’t Skate Manufacturing Co, hit in 2011 as a blunt response to the current fashion crisis we are enduring. The goal is to make great fitting, long lasting products the way they used to be. We take our look from the classic biker style and mix it with a [...]

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Protest T-shirts + Posters SAVE MILLERS POINT

Protest T-shirts + Posters Designed by Reg Mombassa for the 'Save Millers Point' Community Action Group The only way to give a subject like it's due is to reflect on the history of the Millers Point area and the people that live there and the people trying to save it. To us as designers [...]

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Promo Tea Towel for LIPTON / MASTERCHEF

Designed by Lachlan Bruce The 'How to' Lipton Tea - Tea Towel is on it's 4th reprint and proves how popular informative gifts can be but also inadvertently proves that our waterbased inks work perfect in 2000 kitchens wiping up the dishes. For Master Chef Dining As an invitation and keepsake the Lipton Tea [...]

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