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Arcade screenprint T-shirts / polos & apparel with water based inks …

Arcade print minimum 20 T-shirts or garments in general. There are many cases where you can mix garments into one or 2 styles with the same print with higher volumes. A print is usually over multiple sizes in the same style of garment.

Turnaround is usually 5 – 7 days from delivery of blank stock & approved art.

EXPRESS Print Services are available – some shirts can be delivered faster than others and we keep some shirts in stock in stock. If artwork is correct we can speed up services considerably.

Why use water based inks and not plastisol inks (Plastic)?
Plastisol inks can be heavy on the shirt, don’t breathe, especially with multi colour underbases and plastics cannot iron or dry clean. They are generally heavier in chemical use in the factories and introduce phalates into the environment & waterways. Coming from high-er end fashion where plastisols are unheard of we naturally print with Australian made water based inks that are approved for skin sensitivities with Class 1 Oketex ratings for Formaldehyde and all natural ingredients. Being approved for lingerie and infants. Therefore they work when you sweat and look like a quality product.

However as Designers and people of a wider skills base we understand that there are times when you need something that dosen’t immediately suit this technology but you would rather the same person look after these other products for you.

That’s fair …. here are some other services we provide.



College Style individual names and numbers as transfers

Usually minimum order sizes of atleast 20 pieces – usually charged by the amount of actual characters and their sizes. Approx 7cm high letters at $2 each and large numbers approx20 – 30cm high at $3.50 per character. It’s not unusual for us to screen print a brand or team insignia on teh front of a garment and then do individual names on the back.

Delivery 7 – 10 days from receipt of garments

 Digital Fabric Back drops

Generally very hard wearing digital back drops for photo shoots and exhibition spaces.

4-5 Day turnaround from approved artwork

Please email us with questions and estimates of production volumes of any of these additional services – here