//Protest T-shirts + Posters SAVE MILLERS POINT

Protest T-shirts + Posters SAVE MILLERS POINT

Protest T-shirts + Posters Designed by Reg Mombassa for the ‘Save Millers Point’ Community Action Group

The only way to give a subject like it’s due is to reflect on the history of the Millers Point area and the people that live there and the people trying to save it. To us as designers this was a great moment just to be printing a Reg Mombassa original design as it’s a rare breed indeed but it also reflects the authenticity and grass roots nature of the protest that he would design for them. Lending his art to a great and valuable Australian cause.

So here is a story about a local guy and in it you find the attitude of the area.

Six generations of history: Colin Tooher from his home in Millers Point earlier this year. 

“C’mon mate. I’ll show ya round,” says Colin Tooher while chewing the last mouthful of a sausage and onion roll. He is wearing blue work shorts, a loose sky-blue T-shirt, and stained runners with a pair of Sydney Roosters football socks pulled to his knees. Locals know him as the Millers Point Mayor. He has lived in the same house in Windmill Street since he was born in 1950.

We’ve just attended a community meeting in the Abraham Mott Hall on Argyle Place to discuss what action will be taken in response to the NSW Coalition government’s recent announcement that 293 public housing dwellings in the prized harbourside suburbs of Millers Point and The Rocks will be sold off. Col’s house is among them.



The print – 4 colour process (CMYK) waterbased print onto white Sportage Surf T-shirts – front and back with the same image. The same screens were then used for printing posters in Permaprint Inks to be sold at rallys and local pubs.

For those not aware of the Reg Mombassa thing – here is a video very typical of his art and sound from his band ‘Dog Trumpet’ There is a certain feeling that the Australia that Reg drew for us in the 80’s and 90’s does not exist anymore … but that is why this protest is so right for him to be linked to. I was unsure whether to put in this clip “The Jesus Song’ or another worth looking at also relevant to the conversation called ‘Slow Down’.

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  • Even if it weren’t for sale, I would love to buy them just because of the design. It’s pretty sick to be honest.


    You guys can also check out some of my own designs on my website. Let me know what you think of it. Cheers!