Do you teach art or enterprise?

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We love print and teachers so we want to teach you the easy way to print …
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How about a free ‘Print Day’

That’s it – no tricks.
This is an event that is part of Sydney Craft Week and we love to show people the art of screen printing.
So much so we’ve thought about it more than most. And we’ve decided we’d to start a revolution. A revolution that will spread around the world making screen printing accessible to people in their schools, studios and kitchens.
So we want to teach the teachers what we know – so you can expand your students hand skills – what I call ‘hand – heart – idea’ where they make something real – where it is an enterprise product – You have created.


So please share this if you think it’s something great for a friend.

Or call Steve on 02 9519 1099

  • Print with minimal equipment.
  • Use the sun to expose your screens (Professional results)
  • Make a real product (Retail / Fashion finish)

Or email [email protected]

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