//Yardage Print for MAMBO EXHIBITION

Yardage Print for MAMBO EXHIBITION

I think it would be fair to say we are the first people to print a yardage of Mambo Designs in Australia for a long time.

Long live Mambo – Long Live Australian product – Long Live Yardage – Long Live Handprint.

As a Sydney born brand with a heart wide enough to capture the country. They were .. inspirational … articulate … political … disrespectful … vulgar … funny bastards.

Mambo – 30 Years of Shelf Indulgence exhibition was made by T-world & aMBUSH Gallery and the art of Mambo.

Our job was itself designed as an editorial tool but came with the execution of flying an F1-11. As the first ever exhibition at the new aMBUSH Gallery in Central Park, Sydney the space was on show as well as teh art was on show and basically as if orchestrated by Mambo-esque – everything was wall to wall colour. Our yardage fabric was to hold the heart and soul of the work being black and white and extremely complex holding hundreds of individual drawings but was also not really there to compete with the featured artworks.

Therefore our yardage was to be made into curtains and custom fitted to 23 different positions around the gallery editing out concrete pilons and office doors and such bringing the viewer back to where we want them.

Artwork scale was approved in theory Friday night – Artwork was compiled by Arcade Saturday night and first films created Sunday Morning and test print Sunday afternoon. Remaining 2 screens of the three screen 2.1m repeat were shot Monday morning and 60m printed Monday for Cut and Sew Tuesday and install Wednesday.

Classic – Screen print – Exhibition Brief.

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  • You just got to love these prints! I’ve done a few graphic designs in my days and it’s actually quite fun. I try to be creative and incorporate a bunch of ideas into one design, it actually turned out quite well. Great share!