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  • Visual Communications Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Illustration Services

The difference between an OK product and a great product is found in the interpretation & execution of your idea.

At Arcade we are designers & illustrators & printers of different substrates. We create our own colours and mix our own inks and have broad fashion, advertising & promotional knowledge and experience. Arcade also has many relationships with freelance Illustrators and Designers.

Primarily Arcade prints other peoples artwork supplied by Graphic Designers or Artists although we also design. Design has many levels – usually clarified in a client brief written to outline the desired outcome of the piece, scope and budget.

If you require simple cool considered text just tell us and we’ll put it together for you for free (EMERGENCY – no corrections) or $30 for ultra fast text in 3 styles) or an hourly rate depending on corrections BUT if you require professional considered design please read on to see what you might like to do with your project.

We have broken design services into 3 very defined fields – see which one you feel reflects where you want to go.

Visual Communications Design

What to expect from Communications Design

A person trained in Communications Design will become involved in the strategic effectiveness of your idea and how that is best executed – this is big commitment of time and resources and should be treated as an investment in your brand.

Arcade engage a few select clients at this level. 

Outpost 2x white Shirts – Designed by Arcade Screen Printing

Graphic Design 

What to expect from a Graphic Designer

A Graphic Designer will execute your ideas with creative input and professional finish and expertise. Eg. They may design you a logo or a communications piece for a particular campaign. This would usually involve 2 – 3 graphic ideas – 2 to 3 round of corrections on one design and finished artwork for that idea. Cost would be approx $500 – 700 for a logo or $200 – 400 for a campaign graphic based around $70 per hour.

If you are interested in this style of work we’d get an idea of what you wanted and find the best person suited to your style of work and outcome required.

Designed by Lachlan Bruce Creative

Illustration Services

Pop Screen Tee is our first T-shirt Design and screen print competition with over 100 entries

What to expect from A Proffessional Illustrator

A professional Illustrator is a sought after commodity in a world where hand made individual styles are being more and more respected. A freelance Illustrator will generally have their own style which is known and therefore can be the reason people wish to engage that person to have their idea  drawn in the style the illustrator is known for. Some illustrators can also adapt and work in several styles.

You would consider an Illustrator of note to be on $80 per hour and an artwork to be between $500 to $700. Sometimes higher depending on the scope of the brief.

Designed by Blair Sayer