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The food, beverage and hospitality industry is defined by staple product brands and their continuing public profile and fast moving aspirational brands like cafes and boutique breweries. The later need lean and professional outcomes for their own market presence and sense of position among their tribe.

Lee & Me

People that take their coffee, food and art very seriously are Lee & Me, a cafe in Crown St. Wollongong. A crazy 6 colour print designed by Simon Perini was to emulate the old school worn T-shirts based on the Guns & Roses [...]

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Beer Creative

Front of T-shirt 'ALE' ALE as in YALE ... yeah ... of course I get it. On one hand Beer Creative is a Collective Brewing Company which operates under an iterative, rapid prototyping and design thinking methodology. And on the other hand 'Beer Creative' has cool T-shirts. Which came first - Chicken or [...]

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Kinkawooka SHELLFISH

 Kinkawooka Shellfish First introduced to Kinowooka through Pepe Saya Butter where we designed event shirts for the first seasons Kinkawooka mussels at Kitchen by Mike with John Susman (Fishtales) and Andy “Pugsy” Puglisi (Kinkawooka Shellfish). See story - https://arcadescreenprinting.com.au/pepe-saya-butter/ These two featured T-shirts were designed by Ben Hay of Honey Rouge Design. Being may in [...]

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Uniforms for METRO ST JAMES

  Metro St James Phillips is always a discerning customer. As a French Chef - it's a way of life. Original logo design was handled by the Distillery and prints, inks and garments by Arcade and Philippe. Very classic in it's style the restaurant is just behind St James Station in Hyde Park Sydney. [...]

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Design & T-shirts for PEPE SAYA

Pepe Saya Cultured Butter is a Sydney food icon. Pierre comes in and never wants anything even close to ordinary. As a premium brand his business is forever working with the different foodies, greatest Chefs and events in Australia. Arcade work with Pierre regularly on graphics and new versions and twists to illustrate his brands in [...]

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T-shirts & Hoodies for YOUNG HENRYS

  Young Henrys  Young Henrys is a really cool local Brewery! Achieving national recognition, Young Henrys is all over any event in Sydney regarding brilliant food and entertainment. We have printed a lot of merchandise for them over the years, that includes over 6 local illustrators. They were all the sponsors of Print Edition's 'Pop Screen [...]

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Exclusive Invitation card for ASAHI

Asahi Extra Dry Extra Cold Bar Opening Invitation Asahi, the bespoke Japanese Beer Maker used this invitation to invite guests to the opening of their  'Extra Cold' bar where beers were served at extreme and even sub zero temperatures. A premium product hand screen printed in red and silver Permaprint premium Inks onto BJ [...]

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Promo Tea Towel for LIPTON / MASTERCHEF

Designed by Lachlan Bruce The 'How to' Lipton Tea - Tea Towel is on it's 4th reprint and proves how popular informative gifts can be but also inadvertently proves that our waterbased inks work perfect in 2000 kitchens wiping up the dishes. For Master Chef Dining As an invitation and keepsake the Lipton Tea [...]

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