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Front of T-shirt ‘ALE’

ALE as in YALE … yeah … of course I get it.

On one hand Beer Creative is a Collective Brewing Company which operates under an iterative, rapid prototyping and design thinking methodology.

And on the other hand ‘Beer Creative’ has cool T-shirts.

Which came first – Chicken or the egg you ask???

Well – the beer came first – we made the T-shirts so we could identify who had GREAT beer.

Back of T-shirt

The techy bit – One colour front and back ‘Wheat’ opaque print in Permaset waterbased inks on burgundy AS Colour Tees.

Artwork by Rix at Wordplay (Link https://www.wordplaystudio.com/


Click here for Beer Creative College of Fermentation soundtrack and very exploratory interview on the art of Beer merchandise.

Facebook: beercreativecollege

Instagram: #https://www.instagram.com/beercreative/


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