‘Oi You’ Collection

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Ever wondered where the ‘Oi You’ Collection went after ‘Outpost’ – back into storage.

Yes, that’s right – the largest Street Art Collection in the Southern Hemisphere owned by Mr George Shaw a collector and curator who literally lives and breathes street art goes back into storage before it next finds a truly deserving next destination.


Thousands of people saw it at Outpost and it was cornerstone of a massive macro-cosm of International and national artists. The thing that really set it into perspective for me personally was talking to Kid Zoom one night on the ferry. He said ‘these are galleries – it was always about the art, it was never meant to be a market – it’s about the art’.

Anyway – here’s George talking about the collection at Outpost – you get the enormity of the street art movement from listening to him talk about the work ….. (in an Everfresh T-shirt that we printed)


Previous to Outpost in was on display in Nelson NZ - A short film on the 2011 OiYou! street art exhibition. Works on show include Banksy, Cut Collective, Milton Springsteen, OiYou! Crew plus others… Enjoy  -



…. and 2 more blisteringly brilliant Banksys’ ….





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