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Are you a business or individual looking to employ an artist, designer or illustrator ?

Generally text based design work is charged by the hour to a brief – rates can vary from $20 for a newbie to $120 for a highly experienced graphic designer.

Conceptual work where you want a creative to create ideas before artwork is usually a separate process and may be charged at less or more dollars per hour depending on the scope of a brief / client delivery expectations and experience of the creative.

Illustrative work is usually charged out at $500 for a piece. This is a strange situation where some styles take alot longer to create a finished article than others. Therefore you will find some illustrators will charge more for their work. Some illustrators may also charge less if they are building on their experience and their portfolios.

Both Client and designer should have a clear understanding of the price, hours, qualifications necessary and technical outcomes proposed before commencing work. If a client adds more to a brief (bracket creep) during the process this should be charged in addition to the original deal.

A Client should only engage an artist if they have the budget and or authority to do so.

A Client should be able to produce a Purchase Order that clearly states the outcome of the agreed brief.




• Experienced Professional – Johan Marais-Piper (Sydney)

Illustrator / Artist



Images: Kiss and Quell, Dirty, Hairy, Squawk.

Johan is an illustrator/artist. He works in digital, video, screen printing, and paint ­– he loves all facets equally. Johan is a graduate of the College of Fine Arts, and has exhibited in Sydney and Indonesia as part of group and solo exhibitions.

Johan has freelanced in graphic design and illustration for various clients and projects. He is open to any collaboration ventures, commissions, and other such exciting possibilities.

Drop him a line!


Email: johan (at)

Phone: 0401 314 888


• Experienced Professional – Edward Nel (Sydney)

Illustrator / Apparel & Graphic Designer



Images: 3 Dinos, Garage Band, Hell Yeah
I have worked as a freelance textile designer for the last 8 years. I have had designs commissioned, and sold designs to Pumpkin Patch, Tiger Joe, Target, Big W, Best & Less, Bonds, Tarocash, yd, Connor and Roger David. I have also painted commercial murals for Gosford Paediatric Ward, Hornsby Paediatric Ward, Lollipops Playland-Kotara and Lollipops Playland-French’s Forest. I can effortlessly switch between kids designs and edgy menswear/ streetwear designs.


• Experienced Professional – Steve Woods (Sydney)

Illustrator / Apparel & Graphic Designer



Images: Ironlak Buscrash, The Office Yardage Tee, Basketball Jones, Red Bird

Experience in design for textiles, posters and t-shirts. Pre-press for multi-colour screen print work and art direction. Love charactertures ‘ concept art. Qualified designer so text layouts are fast and furious. Good understanding of retail and current styles.

Heaps more on the web see my site below -


Contact me – steve (at)


• Experienced Professional – Carmen Hui (Sydney)

Illustrator / Apparel & Graphic Designer



Images: Camper Booties, Fan, Japanese Vending Machine Tea Towels, Wicker Basket.

Bio: I am an illustrator/graphic designer with an obsession with everyday objects. When I am not working on my day job, you can find me on Forgotten Fancies, a blog where I attempt to document and illustration everything around me. My client list range from retail shops, magazine publications to corporate organisations. I am also in the middle of launching a range of screen printed tea towels which you will be able to purchase from the Oxford St Design Store or via my blog.
For new project opportunities, illustration jobs or just a bit of chit chat -
Please feel free to contact me via my email. carmenhui (at)




• Experienced Professional – Thomas Thorby-Lister (Marrickville)

Illustrator / Apparel & Graphic Designer



Working primarily in illustration and painting, Thomas is a contemporary, emerging artist, based at Sashimi Studios, in Sydney’s Marrickville. Thomas is Graduate from Sydney Collage of the Arts, holding a Bachelor of Visual Arts, with Honours, in Printmedia. Thomas was also recently awarded a City of Sydney ‘Matching Grant’, Leichhardt Council ‘Insight’ Competition winner and is selling work through Art Equity.

Thomas has professional experience with murals, live painting, screen-printing, commission skateboard design and a variety of artistic and design based jobs.
Feel free to contact Thomas about any kind of work, or just for a chat!
tom.thorbylister (at)







• Mid Wieght – Jumpy Designs (Marrickville, Sydney)

Illustration, Graphic Design, Poster Art, Online Marketing



Images: Acidic Tee (, Original BMX Bandit Tee (, Ghetto Blaster Tee (, Game of Life Tee (
Bio: Ive been drawing cartoons since i was a kid and began my passion for T-shirt art over 5 years ago. After over 15 years as a graphic designer in the retail industry I saw t-shirts as the perfect way to showcase my art and express my quirky ideas. Along the way Ive been lucky enough to design art for several brands/bands, competitions and tee-a-day sites.
If you’d like to contact me about a jumpy design or ideas for your business (I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other like minded folks) so please drop me a line





• Mid Wieght – Mr Squiggle (Marrickville, Sydney)

Illustration, Cartoon, Graphic Design, Poster Art, Street


Images: Birds
BIO: I have been creating original Artwork for Television, Print and Promotion as a freelance artist for over 15 years, Often bringing a unique outlook and approach to a clients brief so as to create the most original/eye catching image for a client as possible.My Strengths are freehand drawing combined with the use of digital technologies such as Illustrator, Photoshop & Flash.I have a huge passion for Fontography.The bulk of the work i do is Logo design, Poster & Sticker Creation, Unique T-Shirt Art & Original Comic Book Creation but have also satisfied briefs in almost all facets of Original Artwork creation.I believe my broad spectrum of experience including as a studio Tattoo Artist gives me a huge pool of experience to draw from when creating any image no matter how big or small the brief is.Contact me: dogfightaustralia (at) hotmail.comFacebook: 






• Serious Newbie – Karl Tagle (Sydney)

Poster Design / Illustrator, Water colours, Digital Mixed Media



Images: John Steel Singers Poster, The Shins, The Black Keys, Tame Impala

Bio: I’ve been Illustrating for about 3 years now and have a passion for the poster design industry especially the gig poster industry.
My specialty is watercolour, pen and inks, digital mixed media. If you would like to contact me for any poster designs or ideas holler at me via email.
Contact: www.kakatagle (at)
Portfolio :



Editors Note : I own 2 pieces of Karls Work – which were used professionally.




• Serious Newbie – Jack McWatter (Newcastle)

Vector / Apparel & Graphic Designer  / flash



Images: Semi Permanent Self Promo Cover, DTG Garment, Elixir, Coredor

I’m 20 years old, I ride BMX, I constantly am creating vector artworks, typography, flash animations and artworks with photographic elements.

At the moment I am working on an artwork for a one colour screen print and organising the release of my first design as part of a clothing line.

I’m interested in any graphic design, motion design or illustration, although usually my approach to projects  is with a very illustrative solution. (as you may see on my website).

My greatest skills are using: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

I’m also capable and keen to do projects using; Indesign, Flash and Dreamweaver.

Portfolio URL:   

Awards, exhibitions and experience.

Newcastle TAFE (graphic design diploma)
Create or Die (coaster design top 20)
Illustrators Australia (student silver award)



Want to show your work here

So – in the spirit of getting your work in front of people we’ve created the artists links page.

It’s like a mini portfolio site for your work.

It’s Free to show your work – and it’s for illustrators & designers into Tees and Posters and print.

You can show loads of work plus a bio and weblinks to your other sites.

We’ll also post your listing on FB and there is plenty more to come as time goes on


How do I list my work ?

 Are you an artist, designer or illustrator that wants to list here and be seen by potential employers or collaborators ?

Things you need to list here are -


2 – 4 x portrait jpegs 300 x 200pxl each and the names of the images.
You need to name these images – your initials / name of the design / 300×200 / jpeg
Eg. JB-coolTee-300x200pxl.jpeg


You also need to nominate a category according to experience -

- An ‘Experienced Professional’ is someone that works professionally in the industry.

This might mean you are either a fulltime designer or illustrator – You understand profession briefs and finished art requirments.
If you are a full time illustrator for tees or apparel or rock posters or print you should reflect this in your bio and also your key listing with your name.

- Mid Wieght Artist – Talented with 2 plus professional paid jobs published.

You may have loads of experience in Design and illustration and a few jobs published – this is a great place to be to get that portfolio richer. You might also be a great architect or similar but want to do more street style work – so in apparel you are still finding your feet with technical issues etc –  This is a good place to be.

- Serious Newbie – Talented and hungry artist with a point to prove and energy to burn.

You have to start somewhere – You’ve got ideas and artwork and want to get yourself published and printed – show the world your work.


Then give us 20 – 100 words on who you are / what you do / Your specialties / what sort of work you want / experience you may have had / any awards you may have won & whatever else you think is relevant.


1 – 2 links – either web, email or both.

Back links are very appreciated ! but not mandatory – If you send your link to this page out to people via email or FB it only helps more people see your stuff and ours – spread the love.


OPTIONAL – 1 – 7  100pxl x 100pxl jpegs which might include aphoto of yours truly, a logo, more images.


OPTIONAL – 1 x 600 x 600-ish pxl piece for your post on FB


Send your info to steve (at)


The fine print

Please don’t send us your work unless you are serious and are posting your work with the idea that people will see it and may be interested in calling you for a job. people will see your category and this is very important. A newbie dosen’t want a call from Coca Cola (you don’t have the lawyers) and a pro dosen’t want to do your mates band for $50.

An artist should only take on work they are capable of delivering. But I very strongly recommend pushing your skills past the last mark.

If a client can’t or dosen’t want to produce a purchase order you can produce one for them and get them to agree to it’s conditions in an email before starting. This is a good idea and pros’ have no problem giving and receiving Purchase Orders. Also yes it is weird if it’s your sister but in a professional contract where someone is asking you to do work it dosen’t hurt to get an agreement of some kind on what you are going to deliver.

Arcade is here to show your work and are not responsible for any business done between you and any client. ie. Neither party can send arcade the invoice.

Arcade reserves the right not to post your work if it’s racist, sexist or anything else dodgy. We decide what dodgy is.

We  want to show your work – we are interested in keeping artists rates at proper levels and helping people be seen and interact with clients better. This page is a way of showing your style without having to produce sample artwork for people (free pitching) and them walking away with your creative process for free.

By sending someone here you know they’ll see your best and by reading the comments above they should be prepared to pay you for your work regardless of what  rates, conditions or kudos you agree to.

By posting your work here you are agreeing to the terms and conditions on this page.


So …. Be in it and post your best work …. it’s a gift …. free listing, links, portfolio space  …. and exposure !!

Tell your friends,

Arcade Crew