Arcade Screen Print Classes

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A quick shot to get your head around what we are doing here is -

We are secretly training an army of waterbased screen printers that are printing in their houses and sheds all over Australia. Because we like screen printing, original design and illustration, hand skills, waterbased inks and learning more ourselves.

We have alot of plans with where we want to go with our school – but the place to start is the ‘Start-Up Class’ – either on Saturday or over 2 Wednesday nights. See the classes tab for more info.

The ‘Start-Up Class’ is for everyone from a complete newbie to someone looking for a refresher or someone that normally prints plastisol inks that wants to get a handle on waterbased inks. We can work with up to 8 people pretty comfortably and each of those at their level so everyone grows in skills and confidence.



These are a few Pix from our last Wednesday night classes.

As we get more time we’ll put up more info and lessons online here – but also with new developments coming in 2012 we’ll branch into the business of Tees and specialty courses around all sorts of subjects from design to pre-press.

Dave cut this Rubylith in our Specialist Ruby class with Mike Doherty and created the print above – Mike Doherty has done some fairly spectacular prints over the years as well as competed in more than a few national print comps. The craziest claim to fame for Mike is he printed the sky in Baz Lurhmans Moulin Rouge. Apparently the sky just couldn’t be done in CGI …. Mike has a few of these stories all the way to teaching classes of 30 at Sydney Uni – a great class.

We also ran an illustration class with professional illustrator Mike Watt with six people including myself. I’ve known Mikes work for years and love his full on illustrative raw style and the way he translates for corporate work like Tooheys or Mooks and then he’ll draw a pigeon that will cause you to just relax and contemplate with it. The great thing was Mike pushed all of us past our first ideas and gave us some creative techniques and we all ended up pushing our ideas way further and then everyone translated that direct to acetate with pigment pens and indian ink to shoot our screens from.

Classes happen twice a month and we also look at doing more advanced work and talks through School of Tees once a month -

If you want to book for a class go online here -  or













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